Protests Force Thailand To Lower Interest Rate

 (28 November)
Responding to the signs of the national economy slowing down due to waves of protests in Bangkok,
the Bank of Thailand (BOT) has agreed to lower interest rate to
 According to Mr. Paiboon Kittisrikangwan, Secretary
General of the Monetary Policy Committee,  the change was a necessary measure to the political
turmoil and the delayed public investment.
 The measure is designed to
push for future growth as the Thai economy in 2013 performed less than expected because of  low
price sensitivity and a decline in internal debts, Mr. Paiboon
 The announcement came after the country is risking delayed
public investments and the fading confidence from private sectors regarding the political
 The BOT also announced its expectation for the kingdom’s GDP
for 2013 to stay at 3%, and 4% in 2014.