Protesters Reach Govt House

    Anti-government protesters shouting abuse at police officers inside Government House compound.

    (12.50) Anti-government protesters led by former Democrat MPs are now besieging Government House, their target for the massive demonstrations today.


    Very few police officers are visible around the Government House
    compound, our correspondent says. Most of the officers have now retreated to their positions inside
    the buildings, while thousands of protesters are just outside the

    protesters are occupying various roads around the government office, such as Pitsanulok Road and
    Royal Plaza, their ranks increasingly swelling by the minute as they are joined demonstrations from
    other areas of Bangkok. 

    The demonstrators are being led by a number of former Democrat MPs who resigned from their
    position just yesterday.

    exits and entrances of Government House are blocked by the protesters who were instructed by their
    leaders not to let the police force to leave the compound.

    Protest leaders on their
    loudspeaker-vehicles have told the protesters to hold their ground and wait for a ?declaration of
    victory? from PCAD leader Suthep Thaugsuban. 

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