This Giant Snake Ate 5 Chickens. Now They Hope it Will Make Them Rich.

A ravenous python with an appetite for poultry suffers a humiliating moment after his capture Wednesday morning in the Chai Prakan district of Chiang Mai province.

CHIANG MAI — A Chiang Mai community turned its loss into a gain Wednesday morning when it captured a python with a voracious appetite for their chickens.

When Nongkran Supha, 35, opened her chicken coop early this morning she was expecting a mess, as they had made a racket during the night. She thought someone had broken in to steal all her chickens.

Instead, she found a five-meter python weighing 12 kilograms whose belly was swollen with five of her former fowl and too fat to escape the way it came.


Hoping to make the most of Nongkran’s misfortune, her neighbors used a kind of superstitious science based on her Chai Prakan district street address (6/1), the number of chickens consumed (5) and the serpent’s own ample measurements (5 & 12) to deduce winning numbers for Saturday’s lottery.


As for the snake, its fortunes soon improved when rescue workers released it back into the forest.