Bull Statue Attacked by Real Bull

A photo of the bull statue.

KORAT — An artist’s rendering of a large protected bovine in Nakhon Ratchasima province proved too convincing for its own good.

National park officials on Monday announced that a three-meter gaur statue gracing a scenic viewpoint in Khao Phaeng Ma forest was attacked by a raging bull recently. Officials initially suspect human vandals but closer inspection revealed gaur hair and marks of horn strikes on the statue.


Anan Khandee, head ranger, said a bull most likely came across the statue and charged at the giant imitation to defend its territory. Repairs will be made, Anan added.

Khao Phaeng Ma, a protected wildlife area, is famous for the numerous bulls that inhabit the woods. The viewpoint where the statue is located has attracted at least 1,000 tourists who are camping out today to witness the first sunrise of the year 2019.


Gaurs, the largest known bovines, are native to Southeast Asia and listed as a vulnerable species.

Anan shows damages on the statue.