Happy Lotto Day: Banana, Turtle, and Dead PM

Locals check out "golden turtle" to look for lottery numbers in Krabi.

BANGKOK — It’s the end of the month, so lottery gamblers are going bananas over strange occurrences that could portend winning numbers.

Here’s this month’s roundup of the usual holy trinity that never fails to captivate lotto player imaginations: deformed fruits, animals and the latest celebrity death.


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The death of former prime minister, army commander and royal adviser Prem Tinsulanonda did not only bring an outpouring of grief and debate over his legacy online. His demise could also signal lucky numbers for today’s lottery draw.


Numbers associated with the late statesman, who died at the age of 98 on Sunday, May 26, are nearly sold out in many markets. They include 998, 99, 98, 90, 09, 26, 62, 05 and 50.

Rescued Nymph

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Lotto enthusiasts are scrutinizing a large takien tree log in Buriram that became a pilgrimage site today. Local residents said the tree was found during waterworks construction in Ban Dan district. A worker reportedly dreamed of a woman telling him her spirit was trapped underwater, and voila the centuries-old log was discovered during his shift the next day.

Worshippers swear they have spotted a variety of numbers on the takien log, including 14, 75 and 174.

Turtle of Gold


Lotto hunters are flocking to see a turtle in Ubon Ratchathani which, according to its owner, has a shell that shines like gold.

The owner, a 50-year-old woman in Warin Chamrap district, said she found the turtle while foraging for mushrooms in a forest about a kilometer away from her home (hope she doesn’t go to jail for that!). She said she brought the turtle home after noticing the shell’s golden color.

Numbers that have been observed on the turtle are 3, 4, 5, and 453.

Fruitful Bananas


A banana tree in Krabi may not have a backstory as gripping at the giant takien log, but it’s still attracting a curious crowd. Hanging from the 1.5-meter tall banana tree in Klong Tom district are several bunches of fruit, a cluster that is inspiring numbers.

Honorable mention: Food to cure your disappointment

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Of course, even the most auspicious auguries do not guarantee winnings. But lottery gamblers in Kanchanaburi can take heart that their failed bids don’t have to be a complete waste of money.

Bring your missed lotto tickets to Mae Jim in Tha Maka district on June 2 for a 5 baht discount! It may not seem much, but that’s quite a hefty discount for a shop that sells noodles for 15 baht a bowl and khao kang at 20 baht a dish.

That’s all the important news today. Choke dee na!