Khaosod English Guidelines on Social Media Platform Comments

Updated on Jan 3, 2021: Users spreading disinformation, conspiracy theories, potentially dangerous misinformation, and other remarks consistently proven to be unfounded about the coronavirus pandemic, or links to external sites that publish such materials, will be immediately banned without warning. This policy applies to all of our social media platforms.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic accompanied by individual and state-sponsored misinformation, and a necessity to prevent a toxic environment on our social media platforms, Khaosod English is hereby introducing a guideline on acceptable public comments from our audience.

The following offenses are deemed inappropriate for our social media platforms, and they may result in removal of comments, a ban on the users, and, in cases of serious natures, a report to the Thai authorities:

Racism, sexist remarks, including advocacy for violence or hatred against a certain group of people. 


Comments referencing the Thai monarchy, drug uses, sex tourism, and any other remarks in a manner considered illegal under Thai laws. 

Links to websites or any other sources of dubious reputation, especially those propagating unfounded conspiracy theories. 

Fighting words or personal attacks that do not contribute any substance to a civil discussion.

Trolling, spamming, and other disruptive behaviors.


Defamatory remarks toward Matichon Group, or any of its subsidiaries or staff members.

Any other action that offends basic decency.

The guideline is effective immediately. Any readers unable to comply with the above guideline are welcome to visit other websites.