End of Summer? Storms to Shower Bangkok, Isaan

A view of cloudy skies over Bangkok.
A view of cloudy skies over Bangkok.

BANGKOK — Rain and thunderstorms are expected to soak half of the capital, as well as parts of Isaan, eastern, and southern regions, according to the Meteorological Department’s Wednesday forecast.

The Met predicts a monsoon plowing through Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam into a low pressure region in the Gulf of Tonkin, causing rain to fall in the eastern front of the country.

Temperatures in Bangkok are expected to drop to lows of 24C and reach highs of 35C, while the northern region could see a scorching heat of 40C.

In other parts of the country, 60 percent of the northeastern, eastern, and southern regions facing the Andaman Sea will see heavy rain and thunderstorms in the next 24 hours.