Thailand Develops Odour-Proof Boxes for Durian Shipping

A file photo of durians.
A file photo of durians.

BANGKOK (Xinhua) — The Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) on Thursday has unveiled a brand new fruit packaging innovation to store strong-odoured fruits like durian.

“Since Thai durians have been classified as an export item, we need to ensure that we can store durians to retain its freshness as well as ensure that its odour don’t permeate outside the box,” said Chutima Eamchotchawalit, governor of TISTR.

“With this new innovation, e-commerce operators and fruit growers will be able to send durians via couriers without worrying that the latter would reject delivering highly perishable and smelly fruits,” Chutima said.

The TISTR governor said that the Thai government wants to push Thai signature durians into the world, and without a proper innovative packaging, the pungent smell would push customers away.


She said odor-proof boxes are well responded by wholesale and retail durian sellers as well as exporters.

Beside the odour-proof boxes for durians, the TISTR has developed new packages for mangoes that are strong enough to allow storage under load and ensure its strong packaging during shipment.

She said these types of innovative packaging are important as pungent durians when entering hotel, may get rejected before entering the venue.


Before the COVID-19 crisis, Thailand was the largest durian exporter in 2019, according to the Department of Trade Negotiations.

The Ministry of Commerce’s department said that Thai durian exports were valued at 817 million U.S. dollars last year.

“Therefore if we want to push Thai durians to remain number one in the world market, we must ensure that it packaging must remain unrivaled too,” said Chutima.