Ways to build a rehabilitation facility “Wat Tham Krabok Model.”

Permanent Secretary for Interior discusses ways to build a rehabilitation facility, raising the model of Wat Tham Krabok, Saraburi province and expanding the treatment effect for drug patients nationwide, emphasizing the need to synchronically develop the body and the heart.

On December 11, 2022, Mr. Suttipong Juljarern, Permanent Secretary for Interior revealed after visiting the area of ​​Wat Tham Krabok, Khun Klon Subdistrict, Phra Phutthabat District, Saraburi Province on December 10, 2022, to discuss ways to establish a rehabilitation treatment facility to reduce the number of drug users.

The approach has received blessed mercy from Phra Ajarn Boonsong Thanjaro, the president of the Tam Krabok foundation, who joined in giving advice and participated in discussion. The discussions were attended by high-ranking executives and civil servants in the area, such as Mr. Manrat Rattanasukhon, Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration, Mr. Phol Damtham, Governor of Saraburi Province, Pol. Maj. Gen. Wichit Bunchinwuttikul, Saraburi Provincial Police Commander, Mr. Polwat Thienchaimongkol, Deputy Governor of Saraburi Province, District Chief of Phra Phutthabat District and related network partners.

Mr.Suttipong said that the Ministry of Interior has a clear policy in taking part of the war on drugs, since the beginning of November 2022 has ordered all mechanisms to increase the level of intensity and various measures, including “repressive measures” by bringing drug traffickers to prosecution according to the law : “Prevention measures and social orderings” by setting up checkpoints, extraction points and continuously creating awareness to prevent children, youth and risk groups from getting involved in drugs and “treatment measures to rehabilitate the patient” so that those who have been treated will not return to be involved in drugs and to return good people to the hearts of their parents, families, communities and society.


In order for the government and the Ministry of Interior to have complete and maintain accurate information, the Department of Provincial Administration has been ordered to survey the number of drug dealers in all areas across the country. The process was completed on October 31, 2022, with approximately 18,000 traders and approximately 120,000 addicts identified, along with conducting a survey to find a place to be established as a treatment, rehabilitation, care for addicts and narcotics with a fenced area and also build facilities with hygienic utilities which now has 158 locations.

Mr. Manrat Rattanasukon, Director-General of the Department of Provincial Administration, said that the Department of Provincial Administration has instructed every district to provide at least one treatment and rehabilitation center in order to prepare for the initial introduction of approximately 120,000 drug users into the process. The Permanent Secretary for Interior has determined to provide 15 days of treatment, for not more than 50 cases per location, in 878 places, at the same time, which will receive about 43,900 people per class and will continue to organize training for all 3 series of treatments. In addition, each area has set up a mechanism at the level area, with officials responsible for driving according to the above guidelines. At present, the Department of Provincial Administration has proposed requesting budget support from the government and is ready to take action immediately.

Phra Ajahn Boonsong Thanjaro, the president of the Tham Krabok Foundation, said that the key to making drug patients turn back to normal people has two main factors: physical factors, which people must first understand that the drug directly affect the body, especially the nervous system. In a treatment facility of Tham Krabok had to use medicinal water mixed with herbs called anti-poison and panacea in which the treated must drink four times a day after activity and the treated must be exercised in which can help keep the body healthy, prevent diseases and can also stimulate many types of hormones in the body : such as Growth hormone, a hormone that is important to repair and strengthen the body, Testosterone, a hormone that makes the body awake and help in strengthening the muscles, Insulin and Thyroid Hormone), hormones that control sugar levels and metabolic processes in the body.

In addition, exercise can also stimulate the brain to release happy hormones such as Dopamine, a hormone that makes you feel good, Serotonin, a hormone that reduces depression, Endorphin, a hormone of happiness that can reduce muscle pain and injury. The next factor is the mental state. The goal is to make patients realize the value of life and see the love and care from their families and changing to be a good person who does not turn back to drugs. In this aspect of the mind, it is important to make the patient to be truthful to themselves and generate self-respect, which will be the best immune to drugs.

Maj. Gen. Wichit Boonchinwuthikul , Saraburi Provincial Police Commander added that : in terms of “police repression”, all integrated security forces are actively purging and arresting. In Saraburi Province, more than 50 cases of drug traffickers have been arrested, indicating that our officials are not indifferent.

At the same time, it is important that people have to help look after the area if they find any clues or information related to drugs. To inform the police, hotline 191, Damrongtham Center hotline 1567, and administrative officials are available for all reports. In addition, the police officers are studying the guidelines of “1 police 1 sub-district project” that are responsible for taking care of the people. If there is a danger, the police will be ready to enter the area to support operations with the department.

Mr. Suttipong further said that the mechanism at the local level and all network partners, including government sector, academic sector, religious leaders, people’s sector, private sector, civil society sector and mass communication sector play important roles in preventing the dangers of drugs. Which is necessary to join hands to create awareness and make society aware of the dangers of drugs, both in schools, establishments, factories, etc., along with visiting the area, setting up checkpoints to prevent wrongdoings. The third part is the follow-up process by village leaders who are assigned to support the family and those who have undergone treatment and rehabilitation to have a strong mental state, continuously expanding the results by building a network. This will allow the authorities to put the stop on youth’s involvement with drugs in a sustainable way.


Mr. Suttipong also emphasized that Ministry of the Interior has the intention that all parties must work to help each other to make Thai society a 100% drug-free society. Various shocking events with drug patients hurting others or causes mayhem in communities have triggered the creation of vocational training under the concept of sustainable self-reliance, which those in the process of rehabilitation and vocational training have learned the philosophy of sufficiency economy under the royal initiative, which will make the patient have food security, even if there is no occupation, they can live sustainability. The mechanism proposed by the Department of Provincial Administration will have a process of visiting to encourage those who go through the rehabilitation process and create a platform to expand the results and to be the main force in bringing the examples to children and youth to prevent them from getting involved in drugs.

Permanent Secretary for Interior also added that on January 8, 2023, which is Her Royal Highness Princess Prince Sirivannavari, the Ministry of Interior has the intention to build the project of Sustainable Village, which will create sustainability in all dimensions. In terms of food security, creating organic waste baskets to reduce global warming for every household, along with making people in the community have love and unity. This will create a sustainable immunity for the community.

“We, as good government officials of His Majesty the King, have a duty to “Alleviate Suffering, Nourishing Happiness” for the people, both for the people’s quality of life solving poverty issues, create security, peace, orderliness of the country, solving environmental problems and also focus on the preservation, restoration of traditions. The “Sustainable Village” concept is created to strengthen every sub-district, coupled with having a place to treat and rehabilitate drug patients, which is a structural mechanism that is currently in the process of discussing the guidelines. The Ministry of Interior intends to make these things come to fruition, which is essentially the correction of wrongdoings and is a “Change for Good” for Thai society. This is also to be delivered as a New Year’s gift to all Thai people and their families of drug patients and create an important force for the nation.” Mr.Suttipong said.