Policeman Assaulted His Wife Out Of Jealousy Is Fired

A video of a shocking incident is circulating, showing a man assaulting his wife on the street and damaging a car due to jealousy in Songkhla province. The perpetrator, a police officer, turned himself in on June 5.

After receiving a warrant for arrest on 2 charges from the Na Thawi Provincial Court, Police Senior Sergeant Major Pongsak Rajchanai, 51, squad leader and deputy investigator of Mueang Satun Police Station, surrendered to officers of Sadao Police Station.

He was informed of the charges, which included robbery by snatching a necklace from his wife’s neck and using force to harm others without causing serious bodily or mental harm.

The investigators spent more than three hours investigating, but Pongsak refused to cooperate and insisted on testifying in court. As a result, they took him to Na Thawi Provincial Court and opposed the bail. His agency also proceeded to remove Pongsak from his position.

This policeman attacked his wife out of jealousy on the night of June 4 after his wife had celebrated a friend’s birthday at a nightclub on the outskirts of Samnak Kham district, Sadao sub-district.

According to the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation, which collected data from media reports on domestic violence in 2021, 52.4 per cent of cases were found to be domestic incidents resulting in death. 

The highest percentage of these cases involved the killing of the wife by the husband ( 63.4 per cent). The leading causes were jealousy and suspected infidelity (60 per cent) and failed attempts to reconcile with the spouse (14.7 per cent).