An American Who Abused His Daughter Is Arrested in Thailand

A 30-year-old American who committed sexual abuse of his 9-year-old daughter and fled to Thailand, was arrested in Phuket.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Pakphoomphiphat Sajaphan, Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, and Ms. Jessica L. Cuy, Special Agent/Attaché, Diplomatic Security Office, jointly held a press conference on July 17 for the arrest of Mr. Mayes, a 30-year-old American citizen who committed sexual abuse of his 9-year-old daughter and fled to Thailand.

Following notification from the International Criminal Investigation Unit at the US Embassy in Thailand, Thai police directed officers from the Immigration Service and the Phuket Provincial Immigration Office to conduct a joint investigation and arrest of Mayes, who entered Thailand on June 29, 2022, with a 30-day tourist visa and is currently allowed to stay in the category of non-residents (NON-ED).

On July 16, 2023, the investigation team learned that Mayes was residing at a residence in the Rawai Subdistrict, Muang District, Phuket Province, so they went there until he showed up. It was discovered that he was the same person on arrest warrants issued by foreign government officials. The police then withdrew his authorization to stay in the kingdom, arrested him, and sent him to the Phuket Immigration Office for legal proceedings.