Pattaya Residents Demand Increased Security Due to Foreign Street Fight

Pattaya City Police arrive to control the chaotic situation on South Pattaya Road and immediately take all parties involved to the police station on June 29, 2024.

PATTAYA Two Indian men beat up their fellow countryman in the middle of Pattaya street, ignoring onlookers in a tourist area. Local residents stated that this is a frequent occurrence of violent incidents in this area.

Residents in South Pattaya are calling for police to increase measures to prevent tourist fights in the area after another video of a brawl was recorded. This time, two Indian men were seen repeatedly punching and beating their compatriot dressed in black in the middle of the street, witnessed by bystanders. A Thai woman, believed to be the girlfriend of one of the Indian men, rushed in to intervene.

It was later learned that the incident occurred at 6:10 a.m. on June 29, in front of the Marine Plaza Hotel near the entrance of Soi 16, South Pattaya. This area is bustling with tourists throughout the day and night, as this street leads to Pattaya Walking Street. The area is mostly occupied by Indian and Arabic restaurants.

indian fights2
Two Indian men are seen repeatedly punching and beating their compatriot dressed in black in the middle of the street on June 29, 2024.

One witness said that when the incident occurred, he was sitting across the street waiting for passengers. He saw a group of Indians arguing, but at that time, there was no physical altercation. He considered it normal, as tourists, especially Indians, often get drunk and argue in the area. He didn’t pay much attention, but when he turned back, the Indian group had started fighting as seen in the video clip.


He said the cause of the fight was unknown. Shortly after, Pattaya City Police arrived to control the chaotic situation and immediately took all parties involved to the police station.

A reporter inquired with the Pattaya Police Station and learned that the two men were charged with fighting in public. According to Section 372 of the Criminal Code, anyone who noisily quarrels in public places or otherwise causes a disturbance in public places shall be punished with a fine not exceeding 5,000 baht.

An altercation occurred involving two Vietnamese men who were seen assaulting a fellow countryman in public. The violent incident, which included punching and kicking, resulted in injuries to the victim and took place in full view of both local residents and tourists on South Pattaya Road.


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