Junta To Arrest and Deport Illegal Migrant Workers

Truckloads of deportees are continuing unabated, and with an estimated 100,000-250,000 undocumented Cambodian workers still in Thailand, local authorities said they can’t do much more than scramble to help those on their way home. (Chiang Rai Times)

(Chiang Rai Times)

BANGKOK Thailand’s junta has threatened to arrest and deport all illegal foreign workers, as border officials reported an exodus of Cambodian migrants following last month’s military takeover.

Laborers from neighboring Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar have played a key role in Thai industries such as seafood, agriculture and construction, but they often lack proper work permits.

From now on any illegal migrant workers found in Thailand “will be arrested and deported," Thai army spokeswoman, Sirichan Ngathong said.



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