British Man Found Dead in Phuket Home

Police and rescue workers were called to the house in Baan Manic at 3:30pm on 9 March 2015.
[The Phuket News]

(The Phuket News)

PHUKET — The body of a British was man found in his house in Baan Manic yesterday afternoon (March 9). Police have said that the man suffered heart failure.

At 3:30pm, Thalang inspector, Lt Kaisorn Boonprasop was called to investigate the body of a man which had been found in a house in Soi Noptakaew4, Baan Manic, Srisoonthon.

Police and Kusoldharm and Srisoonthon rescue workers arrived at the two storey house and were led to the second floor where the body of the man was found lying on a sofa with a remote control still in his hand.



Police found no sign of foul play and said the victim had been dead for at least 10 hours.

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