Martial Law Impacting Chiang Rai’s Special Economic Zone

Prime Minister Prayut meeting with the Policy Committee on Special Economic Zone Development [Chiang Rai Times]

(Chiang Rai Times)

CHIANG RAI – Prime Minister Prayuth promised yesterday that the government would seek appropriate solutions in a bid to ease investor concerns over the enforcement of martial law in Special Economic Zones.

The government has designated border provinces like Chiang Rai to be Special Economic Zones but the provinces are still under martial law and experiencing heightened border security.

The Special Economic Zones border with Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia, where security sensitivities lie due to the threat of insurgency, smuggling and trafficking.


Financial institutions are reluctant to provide loans for Special Economic Zones investments that cannot be covered by insurance.


After yesterday’s meeting with the Policy Committee on Special Economic Zone Development, the premier said he was aware of the impact martial law was having and he would find an acceptable solution to help reduce the problem.

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