DTAC Asked to Explain Why it Thinks Customers Are Trillionaires

BANGKOK — One of the three largest telecoms was called upon by regulators Friday to explain what appeared to be some errors on some of its customers’ phone bills.

An unknown number of DTAC customers got the unfortunate news Thursday that they’d gone way over their previous month’s bills, mostly in the hundreds of baht.

A lot over. As their latest bill from DTAC explained, they had racked up 461 trillion baht in charges for November.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission released a letter today asking DTAC to explain how it charged customers more than 100 times the national GDP – one bill came in at 461,168,601,842,740 baht – and then suspended their service on Thursday.


According to the letter, DTAC has until Tuesday afternoon to explain.

The colossal bills came to wider attention after one unidentified man took to popular social issues forum Queen of Spades to complain his monthly phone bill had exceeded 400 trillion baht. He said the error was later fixed and explained as the result of a “wrong calculation.”


In what may become numerical inspiration for the next lottery draw, the exact same number was billed to Chayada, who salted her complaint to DTAC with a little attitude Thursday.

“I can’t call out, and my number is suspended because the bill is insanely high. How many stocks do I have to sell so I can clear this out? Is this the outstanding balance I didn’t pay from former lives?” Chayada wrote on DTAC’s Facebook page.