Masks On: Bangkok’s Mystery ‘Fog’ is Heavy Smog

BANGKOK — Don’t be fooled by the grey mass obscuring the city these past few days. It’s not fog.

Children, seniors and people with asthma and respiratory diseases were advised Wednesday to wear masks when they step outside, as parts of metropolitan Bangkok are suffering from unsafe air quality due to an accumulation of smog.

Particulate levels in Bangkok are much higher than what’s considered safe, largely because there’s been no wind clearing the air these past few hot days, according to Sunee Piyapanpong of the Pollution Control Department.

The sources of the pollution are the usual suspects: traffic, industrial activity and open-air burning.


As of 2pm on Wednesday, Bangkok’s particulate air pollution index rose to 174, a level at the high end of “unhealthy.” Up to 50 is considered “good” and up to 100 is “moderate.” far above what’s on website on Air Quality Index reported that, or “unhealthy.”