Crackdown On Shopping Mall Street Parking Announced

(24 March) Parking of vehicles on roads in front of shopping malls in busy financial district of Bangkok would no longer be tolerated, police warned.

Pol.Lt.Gen. Rueangsak Jarit-Ake, assistant to the chief of the Royal Thai Police, said in a ceremony to mark the beginning of the crackdown that the police have received numerous complaints about cab drivers and tuk-tuk drivers who caused traffic jam in front of thse shopping malls by parking their vehicles on the roadside as they hawked their service to tourists.

The problem appears to be particularly widespread in Pathum district, where famous shopping malls such as MBK and Central World Plaza are located, said Pol.Lt.Gen. Rueangsak said, but added that the police will also look out for any offending on other districts in Bangkok, including the road in front of Don Mueang Airport.

"We have arranged traffic police to swiftly regulate the parking of these buses, taxis, tuk-tuks, and other vehicles for the sake of public orderliness," Pol.Lt.Gen. Rueangsak told reporters, "We want to provide convenience to the people".

He added that any violation will be strictly punished, and said that the police will evaluate the success of their operation in the next 15 days.