"I'm Too Fat For Legit Jobs": Arrested Mama-San

(15 October) The Thai-Japanese woman arrested on suspicion of running a brothel blamed the crime she allegedly commit on her obesity, claiming that she is ‘too fat’ for legal jobs.

Ms. Preuksa ‘May’ Nakamura, was arrested in Bangnon district, Bangkok, on Tuesday, after she delivered underaged sex workers to her customers in a restaurant.

Police said they were informed about the crime just before the arrest.

Upon the arrest, Ms. Preuksa confessed and claimed  that her weight gets in her way to do other occupations.

“I weight 130 kgs, I cannot work at other jobs” the alleged brothel manager argued.


She also claimed that she had not forced her victims into prostitution, because all of them agreed to work on their own volition.

“I raised these girls, who ran away from home, like my own children. We split the earnings 2:1, they take THB 1,000, I take THB 500 for the arrangement fee.”


Police pressed charges against Ms. Preuksa for human trafficking and running a prostitution trade. Ms. Preuksa′s three victims, all of them under 18, will receive assistance from related governmental authorities. 

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