Police Seize Viagra Coffee

(29 October) A collaborated team of Metropolitan Police Bureau and Representative from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seizure coffee claimed to have contained Viagra.


The team had conducted a search at a company in Kannayao district, Bangkok on Tuesday morning after the search warrant was issued by Minburi Provincial Court. 

Several reports were made against a coffee brand ‘One Fan’ (Thailand) for mixing the illegal Sildenafil substance in their coffee. 
Prior to the search, police claimed they had taken the sample of the coffee to be tested by the Department of Medical Science. The results then yielded that the coffee contains Sildenafil substance, which is commonly known as Viagra under its trade name. 
Mr. Paitoon Saengseenil, a co-founder of the company, said that his company is only responsible for retailing the coffee, and has not been engaged in the manufacturing process of the coffee. 
According to Mr. Paitoon, the company was under the governing of Saha Mang Khang Group.The man also denied knowing any clues about the containing of the illegal substance in the coffee. 
Police then seized 66,264 packages of the coffee found at the scene worth no less than THB 3 million. 
The items taken during the seizure will be tested again. However, if the test bares the same result, the manufacturing company will be facing charges for adding illegal ingredients into their food. The company may face up to two year in prison and no more than THB 20,000 fine.

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