NZ Man Misidentified As Crash Victim Due To Police Errors

(18 November) An error in police investigation has led to the misidentifcation of a New Zealander as the deceased victim of a car accident on Koh Samui Island last week.


On 15 November, a local Khaosod correspondent was informed that a foreigner has been killed in a road accident after he crashed his car into a garbage truck on the island. 
As a standard practice, our correspondent received information concerning the incident from a police officer, who claimed that the victim had been identified as a New Zealand citizen by the name of Brown Frank. Khaosod headquarters in Bangkok ran the story  inaccordance with these details.
However, after the story was published, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand released a statement indicating that Mr. Brown Frank had not been killed in the accident.
Questioned by our correspondent about the matter, the police officer today admitted there was indeed a mistake during the investigation. The police simply identified the victim based on the vehicle registration documents found inside the car, which belong to Mr. Frank. 
In fact, the officer said, the police later found out that Mr. Frank had lent the car to a Canadian man, who was the victim killed in the accident. 
The mistake was pointed out at the hospital, the officer added.

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