Roi Et Woman Killed By Neighbour's Rottweilers

(3 December) Three Rottweiler dogs have attacked and killed a 69 year old woman in Roi Et province.

Ms. Thongchan Onchaphew was mauled by the dogs until she fell and hit her head with the pavements on 30 November, according to her son, Mr. Banjong Onchaphew.
Mr. Banjong said his mother was on her way to a nearby market when the dogs spotted her and rushed out from a neighbour′s house, as the owner did not chain them inside the house. 
 After Ms. Thongchan fell down and was knocked unconscious, Good Samaritans in the area brought her to Suvarnabhumi hospital. Due to her severe condition, she was later transferred to Roi Et Hospital, where she died.
Medical personnel identified Ms. Thongchan’s causes of death as severe head injuries and Septicaemia.
 Mr. Banjong said he would pursue legal prosecutions against the dogs’ owner to the very end, adding that the dogs had previously escaped the house and attacked many people whenever their owner forgot to lock the door or chain them inside.



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