Son, Who Allegedly Rapes His Mother, Is Killed By His Father

(22 January) A man who has allegedly raped his own mother has been murdered by his own father, police said.

Police responded to emergency call at a residence in Suksomboon village, Udon Thani province, and discovered the dead body of Mr. Pramote (surname withheld), 35, lying facedown in the house. 
Police found 3 slashing wounds on Mr. Pramote′s face and head, which bit deep to his brain. 
The officers also found Mr. Thongla, 69, hiding inside the house and visibly distraught. Mr. Thongla promptly surrendered a bloodied 80-cm. long axe to the police, and identified himself as the father and murderer of the deceased. 
Mr. Thongla told police he had been married to his wife for many years, and together they bore 6 children. Mr. Pramote stayed at their home in Udon Thani province to work on farms, while his other children have moved to find works in Bangkok long ago, Mr. Thongla said.
The suspect claimed that Mr. Pramote recently became addicted to alcohol and amphetamines, which often drove him insane. 
Late last year, Mr. Thongla said, he discovered that Mr. Pramote has raped his own mother. Mr. Thongla reportedly scolded at Mr. Pramote for his actions, only to be physically assaulted by his enraged son. The suspect said he decided not to report the incident to the police out of embarrassment. 
However, according to Mr. Thongla, Mr. Pramote once again raped his mother, and so he had no choice but to send his wife away to Bangkok. 
This morning, the suspect said, he was drinking with other villagers at a local shrine, and he returned home later to find Mr. Pramote heavily intoxicated and high on drugs. Mr. Pramote allegedly punched Mr. Thongla and scolded him for sending his wife away.
The suspect said he became greatly enraged, so he grabbed an axe in his room and slashed at Mr. Pramote′s head for three times out of rage. 
"I want to see his brain," Mr. Thongla told police, "I want to know what drove his so evil that he raped his own mother".



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