Woman Nearly Shot By Stray Fallen Bullet

(21 February) A student in Srisaket province said she was almost hurt by a stray bullet which penetrated her dorm room's ceiling last night.

Ms. Suranee Sriphoduan, 22, the student from Srisaket Rajabhat, told the police who investigated the scene at her dormitory in Mueang district that she was typing an essay on her bed when she heard the sound of an object fallen through the ceiling.
Ms. Suranee quickly realised it was a bullet bouncing off onto her bed, landing only a metre away from her, she said. The bullet type was identified by the police as a 9 mm.
Mueang Srisaket police determined that Ms. Suranee did not have any personal grudge with anyone, so they assumed that the stray bullet was a result of an unidentified individual who fired the weapon into the sky. The investigation of the incident is ongoing. 



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