Man Arrested For 'Drugging And Raping' Nurse

(11 March) Police in Udon Thani province have arrested a suspect in connection with the drugging and subsequent rape of a nurse in the province last week.

The victim was found naked and delirious in a motel room in Mark Khaeng district by the motel staff on 7 March. She was promptly sent to hospital, and medical workers spent a day treating her condition before she could give clear testimony to the police.

Citing medical reports, police said she was apparently drugged and raped.

According to the victim, she met the culprit on the social network and later arranged a meeting with him in a restaurant. She said she lost her consciousness after a few drinks, while motel staff told police they saw a male individual and a female accomplice carrying the victim to the motel room that same night.

The pair later left the motell room and drove away on a white vehicle, which was later identified as the victim's car, motel staff said, adding that they found the victim when they went to check the room after the suspects have checked-out.

Police said the victim's belongings were also stolen by the culprits, including her iPhone, her car, and 4,000 baht in cash.

After few days of investigation and CCTV footage inspection, the police arrested Mr. Sirivet Sitthivet, 27, who reportedly admitted to drugging the victim with the intent to rape and steal from her.


It is not whether the police are still searching for the suspect's alleged accomplice who was seen at the motel.

Mr. Sirivet remains under police custody.