Student Admits Implicating His Brother Over Parricide

(11 March) The brother of the student who had been alleged of parricide has admitted to police he had murdered his parents and falsely implicated his deceased sibling.

On Sunday the police were alerted by reports of murders at a residence in a gated community in Thanburi district of Pathum Thani province. At the scene, they discovered the bodies of Mr. Panuwat Sornphrom, 44, his wife, Ms. Yaowalak Sornphrom, 41, and their 16-year old son, whose name had been withheld due to legal reasons.

Mr. Akkarawat, another 18-years old son of Mr. Panuwat and Ms. Yaowalak, said he believed his brother murdered their parents before turning the gun on himself. Police also found gunshot wounds on the 16-year old's head and a handgun in his hand, leading the officers to initially rule out his death as suicide.

However, the police soon treated the case as suspicious, after evidences gathered at the scene contradicted with Mr. Akkarawat's testimonies. 


After hours of interrogation, Mr. Akkarawat reportedly confessed he committed the crimes. In a police press conference, Mr. Akkarawat said he drugged his parents and brother, and proceeded to shoot at them in their sleep at night. Mr. Akkarawat said he later placed the handgun on his brother's hand and left the residence in the morning. 

According to Mr. Akkarawat, he decided to murder the victims out of "envy", stating that he felt his parents loved his brother more than him. 


The suspect was later escorted to the crime scene to rehearse the killing in presence of police officers.

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