'Gangsters' Arrested For An Assault On The Wrong Guys

(21 March) Two men in Chiang Mai province have been assaulted and wounded by a group of teenager gangsters, who had mistaken the pair as rival gang members.

The assault reportedly took place at around 02.30 on 16 March. Witnesses said the perpetrators arrived on over 10 motorcycles at the intersection near Mueang Chiang Mai Market where Mr. Noppadol Duangdecha and Mr. Weerapong (surname unclear) were stopping for a red light on their motorbike.

Mr. Weerapong told police the teenagers asked him whether his nickname was "Foo". When he said yes, the gangsters reportedly proceeded to mob him and Mr. Noppadol, kicking and assaulting both men with knives, before speeding away.

Mr. Noppadol suffered from stab wounds on his shoulder and ribs, while Mr. Weerapong's head wound required stitches, police said.

The victims insist that they had not personally known the gangsters prior to the attack. 

Today the police arrested 8 suspects, some of whom are minors, in connection with the crime. They have been charged with assault and causing bodily harm. Police said they are also locating other suspects who had participated in the attack.

According to the police, the suspects are members of the notorious motorcyclist gang called the "Samurai Gang" who have previous history of random violent acts against locals in Chiang Mai province.

The suspects told police they were searching for a rival gangster called Foo, who had reportedly damaged some of the gang's motorcycles, when they encountered the victims at the crime scene. The suspects claimed they mistook the victims as their target and only discovered later that they had beaten up the wrong people. 

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