Speeding Truck Crashes, Flips Over In Rangsit

(21 March) A truck has crashed and flipped over on an elevated road in Pathumthani province.

The incident reportedly took place at around 01.30 today in front of Future Park Rangsit shopping mall in Rangsit district.

The crash has caused the cargo potato flour and some of the vehicle's petrol to spill onto the bridge and the roads underneath. Officials scrambled to cover the petrol spill with sands to prevent any ignition, and clean the flour off the roads. 

Mr. Suthep Thongnum, 44, said he was driving the cargo from Prachinburi. When he approached the curve on the bridge, Mr. Suthep said, he could not slow down in time as he was driving with high speed, causing the truck to smash into the barrier and turn over its side. 


Apart from the driver, no injury was reported.


Police say the same elevated road was the scene to a previous accident in which a loose container fell down from a truck into a public van, killing one person. 

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