Chinese Tourist Beaten By Teenage Gangsters

(24 March) A Chinese tourist accused of molesting a 'Coyote Girl' was subsequently mob-beaten by a group of teenage gangsters in Sa Kaeo province.

The incident reportedly took place at around 03.00 yesterday at Fusion nightclub in the Aranyapradesh district. Police arrived at the scene to find scattered chairs and tables and glasses in the nightclub, while Mr. Au Kai Chuan (name transcribed from Thai text), a 36-year old Chinese tourist, was found unconscious on the floor.

Mr. Au's condition was described as severe and medical workers said he sustained multiple bruises.

Witnesses told police a large group of teenagers were dancing in the establishment when a shout went up that someone has molested a "Coyote" (female dancer) of the nightclub, causing the teenagers to mob and beat Mr. Au.



Coyote staff attempted to tell the assailants that Mr. Au was not the perpetrator, but the suspects refused to listen and proceeded to kick the Chinese tourist until he passed out. The suspects fled the scene shortly afterward.

A senior police officer said the assailants belong to a local teenage gang who previously assaulted a police officer inside the same nightclub only a week earlier. Police said that they are currently looking for 7 suspects in connection with the assault on Mr. Au.