S. Africa Urges Thailand To Tackle Human Trafficking

(8 April) The South African Ambassador has proposed a joint effort to fight human traffickers alongside Thailand, in an effort to end the "sex slave" business between the two nations.

Ms. Robina P. Marks met with Ms. Paweena Hongsakul, Minister of Social Development and Human Security, in Pathum Thani province today to discuss the plan, which will encourage more cooperation between Thailand and South Africa, and a more robust legal procedure to prosecute those involved in the sex trade.

Numerous Thai women have been lured by human traffickers to South Africa with the prospect of lucrative careers, only to be locked in brothels and "massage parlours" where they are forced to become prostitutes once they arrive at their destination. 

Ms. Paweena said she has assured Ms. Marks that the Thai authorities will adopt stronger measures to curb the human trafficking trade in Thailand, such as monitoring agencies who advertise jobs in South Africa to Thai women. 


Any job agency that is found to violate or ignore regulations imposed by the Ministry of Labour will be severely punished, Ms. Paweena said. 



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