Porn Site’s Poor-Taste ‘Por’ Scam Spreads

BANGKOK — Thrisadee “Por” Sahawong is being mourned yet again online, thanks to a growing number of fake news hoaxes claiming he has died.

More bogus news stories about the funeral of the actor – who has been a media obsession since he fell into a coma nearly two months ago have spread since Monday morning, this time made to look like online media companies Thairath and BEC-Tero Entertainment.

“Come and pay respect to Por,” read the headline on a story made to look like Thairath, while the fake site of BEC-Tero announced bathing rituals for the actor would be held at noon today.


The fake news stories came several days after a similar hoax targeted Khaosod newspaper. In all three cases, the fake items were widely shared online and drew a slew of condolences from the actor’s fans.

“My husband asked me this morning if Por’s dead already because he saw his friends share the news online. I told him that it’s a porn site,” wrote Facebook user Giing Giingkaew on the Drama-addict page. “People read the headline and believe it’s true. If they bother to click to read the content inside, they’d be a little less stupid.”

Clicking the articles leads users to hardcore porn sites.

Thairath announced it has filed a criminal complaint with police. Khaosod newspaper filed its own complaint Friday. Police reportedly said those responsible for the posts, namely, were likely outside of Thailand.


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