Airport Rail Link Breaks Down During Monday Rush, Passengers Trapped

Passengers aboard an Airport Rail Link car in a 6:35pm tweet. Photo: @ThongThongZa / Twitter

Update: The Airport Rail Link says everything is fine as of 7:47pm.

BANGKOK — Passengers were stranded aboard the Airport Rail Link on Monday evening when the line broke down following the sound of an explosion, according to social media reports.

The airport-bound train reportedly stopped running between the Ratchaprarop and Ramkhamhaeng stations at about 6:30pm. Passengers stranded in the train said they had to break open emergency exit for air, as air conditioning in the carriages also stopped working.

“Airport Link broke down again. We can’t breathe. Some passengers broke out the emergency door for air to breathe. Very crowded here,” @ThonGThonGZa tweeted at 6:35pm with a photo.


The explosion was heard as the train was leaving Ratchaprarop. One person was said to have fainted in the heat.