Robber Shot in Neck in Failed Money Truck Heist

Police inspect the scene of a failed money truck robbery in Nakhon Sawan province Monday afternoon.

NAKHON SAWAN — The attempted robbery of a bank cash truck in Nakhon Sawan on Monday left the alleged robber seriously injured, police said.

Kittisak Khomkham, 43, was shot in the neck by the truck guards after he tried to rob the vehicle, said Somnuek Prajit, deputy chief of a local police station. Amateur video footage captured the dramatic gunfight.

Lt. Col. Somnuek said it appeared as if Kittisak had acted alone.

Footage of the incident shows a man stopping the truck – which was carrying cash to a branch of Bangkok Bank in the province – and trying to hijack the vehicle, before two armed guards inside fire back, sending onlookers to scramble for cover.


Police said Kittisak was carrying a handgun. He was reportedly shot in the neck.


Kittisak fled the scene on motorcycle until he “could not carry on any further” and phoned his wife to pick him up, Somnuek said. His family eventually took him to the hospital and police later tracked him down, the officer said.

“His condition is now stable,” Lt. Col. Somnuek said.

Kittisak will be charged with attempted armed robbery, Somnuek added.