No Parking? We’ll See About That: Scheming Noodle Vendor

Image: Sakhon Online / Facebook

SAMUT SAKHON — Many urban eateries see their share of customers ticketed for parking illegally while getting some food. One such venue came up with a solution: fool customers and police alike into thinking it’s okay to park curbside.

In a post shared to an online Samut Sakhon community, someone published photos of a noodle vendor on Ekachai Road in the process of painting over the red and white colors designating it a no parking area.


“He turned it black and white. Should we support this?” ‎user Parichart Haruansri‎ wrote Tuesday.

Within hours of people sharing the story, local officials visited the scene and ordered the vendor, who was not identified, to restore the curb to its original colors.

As if the instant karma wasn’t juicy enough, the Samut Sakhon city district chief announced afterward that the stall was illegally squatting on a pedestrian walkway. The owner must tear down the stall within seven days, or the authorities will demolish it and charge him for the work, Wutthipong Suphakwanit said.