Cop Busted for Trading Drugs 5 Months Before Retirement

Security officers surround Police Capt. Chainarong Oiphuthon at his home on May 7, 2019.

NAKHON PHANOM — A senior-ranking policeman’s career came to an ignominious end when he was caught in a drug bust on Tuesday, just five months before his scheduled retirement.

Police Capt. Chainarong Oiphuthon, 59, was arrested while possessing over 6,000 tablets of amphetamines and nearly 10 kilograms of marijuana at his home in Nakhon Phanom province, police said. The police captain stands accused of dealing drugs. He was caught in a sting operation.


Police said they also found four firearms at his residence with dozens of rounds.

Chainarong, who works as a crime investigator in the provincial police force, reportedly confessed to the crimes. He was set to retire in September.


Police told the media Chainarong imported the yaba from his mistress who lives across the border in Laos.