Court Adds Jail Time for Jenphop’s Deadly Crash

Aftermath of Jenphop Viraporn's crash that killed two students on March 13, 2016,

AYUTTHAYA — The appeals court on Wednesday found a businessman guilty of killing two students in a car crash while under drug influence in 2016.

For the deadly DUI conviction, the jail term for Jenphop Viraporn, whose family owns a luxury car dealership, was increased from five to six years in prison. The charge was previously dropped by the lower court, citing insufficient evidence.

But the Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that the suspect was under the influence of amphetamines when he slammed his Mercedes-Benz into the back of another car in Ayutthaya province, killing two graduate students inside.

The new sentence handed down on Wednesday was reduced to four years in jail because he provided useful testimony. Jenphop was granted bail while an appeal to the Supreme Court is ongoing.

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