Buriram To Require Everyone to Carry ‘Health Stickers’

Buriram Gov. Thatchakorn Hattathayakul shows the "healthy sticker" during a press briefing.

BURIRAM — Authorities in a major northeastern province will introduce a ‘healthy sticker’ that residents will be required to carry when venturing outside, the governor said on Thursday.

Buriram Gov. Thadchakorn Hutthatayakool said the measure will come into effect on May 1. The small sticker, to be attached to residents’ ID cards, will be required as a proof before entering shops, markets, and other public venues.

Those who have not travelled outside the province and patients who have recovered from the coronavirus infections are eligible for the stickers. Anyone returning or entering the province will be required to undergo a quarantine for 14 days before they can receive the blue sticker.

They will also lose the stickers if they elect to travel outside Buriram.


“As for those traveling outside Buriram province, police and disease-control officials will immediately remove the sticker. and those re-entering Buriram province will have to enter the process of quarantine,” the governor’s order said.


According to the governor, the province has 13 coronavirus patients. Ten people have recovered from disease and one has died so far. With two still being hospitalized, the province is also monitoring 39 people for possible infections.

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