Celeb Actor Recovers From Virus, Donates Plasma for Treatment

Matthew Deane Chanthavanij donates his blood plasma at the Thai Red Cross.

BANGKOK — Celebrity actor Matthew Deane Chanthavanij, who recently recovered from the coronavirus, is among the survivors who donated their blood plasma for treating other patients, the Thai Red Cross said Friday.

In photos published by the agency, Matthew and his wife Sarunrat “Lydia” Visutthithada, who also caught and recovered from the virus, giving their plasma at the Red Cross in Bangkok.

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Researchers at the Red Cross said blood plasma taken from those who survived the coronavirus has the potential to build immunity for other patients who contracted the virus. 

At least 3,000 people caught the virus so far in Thailand since the outbreak began in January, and 56 have died. The majority has recovered and returned home. 


Matthew, who also owns a boxing gym, was one of the earliest high-profile figures to have caught the virus. His decision to inform the public of his condition led to the discovery of a cluster of other infections within the boxing industry