Thais Caught in U.S. Unrest Over Police Brutality

Photo: Sue Kiattisak / Facebook

LOS ANGELES — A Thai restaurant in the U.S. city of Los Angeles was looted Sunday local time as protests and unrest raged across the country, the owner said. 

Facebook user Sue Kiattisak Khamphanthong posted photos and videos of her heavily damaged and looted restaurant, as demonstrators took to the streets in LA.

“The police caught the bad guy, thank God, but everything is damaged,” Sue said. 

Sue said the police called her at 4:30am. She arrived to find items in her restaurant knocked onto the floor, as well as multiple holes in the wall. 


SiamTown US, an LA-based Thai newspaper, said that the perpetrators entered the restaurant by breaching holes through the wall from a pharmacy next door.


SiamTown US also posted CCTV footage midnight on Sunday showing a group of five people breaking into and looting a jewelry store in Thai Town. 

Protests broke out in the United States on Wednesday in response to police officers killing George Floyd, a black man, by kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis. 

Protests in LA have led to coronavirus testing sites in LA being closed Saturday as well as violence and looting at some cities, the New York Times reported.