Noodle Shop Waiter in Hot Water for Fat-Shaming Customer

Left: Anuwat Jansomdee at the Chaixi Bamee-Kiew shop on Aug 6, 2020. Right: The photo Anuwat posted online of a customer.

SONGKHLA  — Police are investigating whether a waiter from a noodle shop in Songkhla province could be charged for defamation after he mocked one of his customers online. 

The customer filed a police complaint against Chaixi Bamee-Kiew noodle shop waiter Anuwat Jansomdee for posting a photo of her and making derogatory comments about her weight, the national police spokesman said. 

“These actions can damage others, are inappropriate, and should not be done,” Col. Kissana Pattanacharoen said.

The woman was eating at the roadside noodle shop in Hat Yai district Monday night when Anuwat snapped a photo of her. Anuwat wrote in a caption to his photo, “Excuse me customer, but this photo makes my wife look fit and slim.” 


The photo eventually reached the customer, who replied with a post of her own. 

“I was just out for a meal but the owner took a photo of me and bullied me online. #IsItWrongToBeFat??? Yes, I’m fat and much fatter than I used to be, but you still shouldn’t do this,” she wrote. 

Her post has been shared more than 13,000 times and filled with more than 5,000 comments, mostly condemning Anuwat’s action.

Both Anuwat and the noodle shop owner Preecha Senawan apologized after reporters paid them a visit Wednesday. The noodle shop has been closed since the story went viral. It is unclear whether Anuwat was given any disciplinary action. 

“It was careless of me,” the waiter said. “I didn’t know it would become such a big drama. I was just kidding around with my girlfriend, who is also fat.”

Police said Anuwat could be charged with libel, which carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison. 

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