Pretty Please! Gov’t Urges Tourists to Drink Responsibly in Pandemic

Police raid a restaurant that allegedly sells alcohol without permission during the coronavirus pandemic in Loei province on Oct. 30, 2021.

BANGKOK — The Department of Health on Thursday said that restaurants allowed to serve alcohol in key tourist destinations must do so responsibly in order to avoid a new cluster of coronavirus infections.

The department said in a press release that restaurants must not serve booze after the allowed hours — that is, 9 pm — while customers should refrain from binge drinking, since the behaviour could lead to flouting safety regulations and COVID-19 measures.

Only restaurants accredited with the SHA system by the authorities in Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, and Phang Nga are currently allowed to serve alcohol to customers onsite until 9pm.


The Director-General of the Department of Health said officials have experienced overall compliance from restaurant owners in terms of health and booze regulations so far. However, officials believe that many restaurants and customers may become too lenient with the restrictions and social distancing rules.


In the press release, the department said intoxicated people do not only put themselves and others at risk from coronavirus infection, but they also have lowered cognitive abilities that may cause accidents.

Therefore, restaurants are encouraged to exercise caution in following the rules that provincial communicable diseases committees lay out, prevent overcrowding and lack of safe social distancing, and abide by all drinking curfews enacted.