Tunnel Collapses in Chiang Mai, Two Geologists Die

Rescue officials and workers around the tunnel that collapsed, killing two geologists Thursday morning in Chiang Mai.

CHIANG MAI — Two geologists were killed and a third narrowly escaped death Thursday morning in Chiang Mai when the roof of a large drainage tunnel collapsed.

The tunnel, under construction in the northern province’s Mae Taeng district, suddenly came down at about 7:30am, instantly killing geologists Pathomporn Siriwat and Pratyawat Wasuanant, both 24. A third geologist made it out and alerted the authorities.

“Usually, the three geologists survey the tunnel in the morning so the next round of workers can go in and continue construction,” local disaster official Pairin Limcharoen said. “However, there was a large amount of water in the earth around the tunnel, softening the ceiling and causing a large rock to fall on two of the geologists. The third man jumped away in time.”


Both geologists were from Italian-Thai Development Co. Ltd.


Rescue workers have recovered their bodies, which were taken to a local hospital.

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