29 Pilot Whales Die After Beaching on New Zealand Isle

File photo from Monday of a whale hitting with its fluke while trying to return to deeper water during a rescue operation for stranded whales at a beach in Calais, France. A pod of 29 pilot whales have died after beaching on remote Stewart Island beach in New Zealand. Photo: EPA / City of Calais

WELLINGTON — A pod of 29 pilot whales have died after stranding on a remote Stewart Island beach in New Zealand, the Department of Conservation said Friday.

The dead and dying pilot whales were discovered by hikers on Tuesday night, but it was two days before they were able to raise the alarm with conservation rangers.

Ranger Phred Dobbins was one of two conservation staff flown to the site at Doughboy Bay by helicopter on Thursday.

"Eight of the whales were still alive when we arrived. However, refloating them was not an option given the length of time they had been stranded in hot, dry conditions. With the tide well out, we saw little hope of keeping the animals alive until enough rescuers could be flown in to assist," Dobbins said.



The whale carcasses are to be left to decompose naturally on the beach due to the remoteness of the site.

Whale strandings are not uncommon in the area, Dobbins said, with conservation staff dealing with a stranding at least once every couple of years.

Story: DPA