Aussie Cat Rescues Owner Attacked by Venomous Snake

A cat. Photo: Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr

SYDNEY — A woman who was attacked by a venomous snake when she went to water her rose garden was saved by her cat who rushed in and pounced on the snake, clawing and biting it until it was dead, a media report said today.

Denise Thynne, 66, from Mackay in northern Queensland told the broadcaster ABC she picked up the hose but got a nasty shock when lying underneath was a red-bellied black snake, the 10th most poisonous snake in Australia.

"I walked out to the yard to pick up the hose to water the roses. There was a little snake laying under the hose that I didn't see," she said.

"It was laying there in the sun. I didn't take any notice until I felt the sting."


Her brave cat Skitzo came to the rescue.

"She came out stalking, and it looked like she was mesmerizing it, and then she just went in for the kill," she said. "I turned the snake over and saw the red belly and thought `Oh, that's not a very friendly one.'"



'Oh, that's not a very friendly one' Denise Thrynne though of this snake. It's unclear whether she took this photo before or after it bit her. Photo: Denise Thrynne

Having been bitten by snakes three times before she knew what to do and bound the wound on her swelling hand, stayed still and called an ambulance. Fortunately, the snake did not inject any venom when it bit.

"Just be careful and wear your glasses when you go outside – that helps," she said when asked for advice about dealing with snakes.


And so does a brave cat like Skitzo.

Story: DPA