Koreans Donate Kimchi to Needy at Kimchi Festival

Volunteer Kim Yeon-sook, left, tastes kimchi, Korean pickled vegetables, from her colleague Lee Hyun-sook as they make it to donate to needy neighbors for winter preparation on Friday during the Seoul kimchi festival in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Ahn Young-joon / Associated Press

SEOUL — Thousands of South Koreans and tourists gathered at the Seoul kimchi festival on Friday to make 50 tons of the traditional pungent vegetable by mixing cabbage, other leaves and chili sauce and donate it to needy neighbors.


It’s the third year the event has taken place and volunteers spoke of their happiness at being able to help others.

“I am very pleased that I can help financially challenged or isolated neighbors through making kimchi,” said volunteer Kang Gum-suk.

Another participant, in Kyoung-ja, said that “the fact that such a sharing culture is being spread in South Korea makes me happy.”