Czech President Torches Underpants, Stunt Stuns Journalists

Czech President Milos Zeman had two firefighters ceremoniously burn a giant pair of underpants at a press briefing on Friday. Photo: iDNEStv

PRAGUE — A fiery stunt by the Czech president has really stunned journalists this time.

Milos Zeman announced a press conference for Thursday, but instead of briefing reporters, he had two firefighters in protective gear burn a huge pair of red underpants in front of them.

Czech media said the boxer shorts in question had been hoisted by activists in 2015, replacing the official presidential flag on Prague Castle. The red underwear was meant to symbolize Zeman’s close relationships with Russia and China and has since become a symbol for criticism of his presidency.



After the incineration, Zeman told reporters: “I’m sorry to make you look like little idiots, you really don’t deserve it.”

Zeman, 72, has often clashed with the press, even waving a fake machine gun at reporters last year.