PT Should Be Dissolved For Treason: Democrats

Supporters of Pheu Thai Party rally in Khon Kaen province, 2 March 2014

(3 March) The Democrat Party says it will file for a dissolution of Pheu Thai Party as a punishment for its alleged separatist movements.

According to Mr. Wirat Kalyasiri, head of the Democrat legal team, a number of Pheu Thai supporters have advocated for north and northeastern Thailand to be an independent state, separated from Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

Such action, Mr. Wirat said in a press conference yesterday, clearly violates Article 1 of the 2007 Constitution, which proclaims that the Kingdom of Thailand is one, indivisible state. 

Mr. Wirat announced that his legal team will file complaints to the Constitution Court and request that the judges dissolve Pheu Thai Party and bar its executives from politics on the ground of Article 68 of the Constitution, which criminalises any attempt to challenge the democratic regime with the King As Head of State. 


Furthermore, Mr. Wirat said, the opposition party will also ask the National Anti-Corruption Commission to prosecute Pheu Thai Party for its alleged support for the separatist group.

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