Army To Remove Red Cross Signs From 'Bunkers'

(24 March) The Royal Thai Army have agreed to remove Red Cross symbols from their numerous checkpoints in Bangkok, following complaints from the Thai Red Cross Society.

The organisation has previously notified the army that its displays of Red Cross signs might violate international principle on the symbol, as some soldiers in the checkpoints bear arms, said Col. Winthai Suvaree, deputy spokesman of the army.

The army will immediately proceed to remove the signs from the checkpoint to comply with the request, and to avoid any confusion, Col. Winthai said, adding that some tents which were solely manned by military medics might retain the Red Cross symbol. 

The military has deployed over 170 checkpoints – nicknamed "bunkers" – across financial district of Bangkok with the stated purpose of maintaining public order amid the ongoing anti-government protests at Lumpini Park.



Although the government has revoked the State of Emergency, the bunkers are here to stay, Maj.Gen. Warah Bunyasidh said, insisting that the security checkpoints are necessary tool to deter any attacks by shadowy militants on the anti-government protesters. 

He also told reporters that the army is willing to remove the Red Cross signs from these bunkers as requested by the organisation.