Buddha Issara To Sue Khaosod For B100 Mil.

(9 April) Anti-government monk activist has pledged to sue Khaosod and Matichon for libel, demanding 100 million baht in compensation.

Buddha Issara and his supporters marched from their rally site in Chaeng Wattana Road to Criminal Court on Ratchadapisek Road today, where he submitted his letter to the court officials detailing his intention to file lawsuit against the two newspapers.

The monk alleged that Khaosod and Matichon have unfairly defamed him in their news coverage. He said he wanted the newspapers to pay him 100 million baht in damage. 

Nevertheless, it is understood that Buddha Issara has not taken any formal step in filing the libel lawsuit, and his appearance at the court today was merely symbolic. 


The monk and his companions later had a brief "sit-in" on Ratchadapisek Road and ate their lunch, before marching away without any incident.



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