Junta Congratulates Myanmar on Elections

Myanmar workers in southwest metro Bangkok watch coverage Sunday of the election back home.

BANGKOK — Thailand’s junta congratulated Myanmar today for conducting its first free election in 25 years.

A message signed by junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha and addressed to Myanmar President Thein Sein praised the high turnout of Myanmar voters, and thanked authorities for allowing observers from Thailand to monitor the polls Sunday, said Sek Wannamethee, Thai foreign affairs spokesman.

“We also emphasized the intention of the Thai government to support the political development and national reconciliation process in Myanmar, which will lead the country to peace, stability and progress,” Sek told reporters today.  


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Thailand is currently ruled by the military junta that staged the coup d’etat against an elected government in May 2014. 

Sek said Bangkok stood ready to assist with the ongoing democratic development of Myanmar, which was under military rule from 1962 through 2011.

“The Thai government has consistently supported the development of democracy and peace process in Myanmar. After the election, Thailand is ready to cooperate with every side in Myanmar, including the new government of Myanmar.” 

Under its most recent roadmap to return Thailand to democracy, the junta has pledged to elections by June 2017.  



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